Cortes de Muar is the project of two brothers, Rita and German, who formed the second generation of a family dairy of Silleda (Galicia-Spain).

n our workshop, we make handmade cheese, in limited production, with the milk of cows grazing freely in the meadows of the area. The mime and dedication with which we work, and the time that we dedicate the each piece that leaves our hands, are mark of identity of the mark.

In addition to the traditional recipe of the family, with which we elaborate the rich and creamy Mimosas, we also venture to incorporate other techniques of elaboration and refinement inspired by international varieties, always providing our personal "savoir faire".

Meet the queens of this particular court where everything responds to the "M" of his beautiful muar. MMM....
The “Cheese of our Region”, soft and creamy, made from cow's milk pasteurized. Awarded the Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards, 2014.
700 grs or 3 Kg parts.
Inspired by our past, when making cheese, butter and butter on the farms themselves, we created this recipe to measure. It is an old cheese, made with raw cow's milk, matured in cloth with cream butter, traditional product in Galician pastries, for 8 months.
This vegetable cheese, slightly fruity, obtained the Silver Medal at the World Cheese Awards, 2013.
PARTS OF 3.5 Kg OR WEDGES OF 250 grs.
With the air of high mountain cheese, with the traditional Galician tune in hay, this cheese emerges that renders sincere tribute to the natural feeding of the cows that give the milk with which it is made.
This cheese made with raw milk, has floral aromas in the crust, fruit ripening wrapped in hay for 3 months, and soft toffee and walnut inside.
A delight of medium intensity, to eat alone or to incorporate the most creamy recipes.

Delicious melted country cheese cream. Ideal for the preparation of sauces and spread on toasted.
and much more...
We have other specialties, we make limited editions and also cheese tables for events. Ask us!

with milk from galician cows who gace freely


limited production
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