The 'Queixo do PaĆ­s' (cheese from our region) is part of our land, its language and culture, it lives in our traditions and is present on our tables, and also at parties and celebrations.

We are part of the second generation of a cheese-maker family who hand makes a limited production of soft and creamy organic cheeses, made with care and dedication, putting our heart in all the process.
The Moo Courts (Cortes de Muar) are those governed by cows like Marela, Morena, Marquesa and Mimosa.

This is where they moo about their own stuff when they are collected at dawn after a quiet day in the fresh and green fields.
Mild and sweet buttery scent, just like its delicious taste
Thin and smooth rind, in an intense yellow tone
Soft and creamy paste, with few eyes inside
You can enjoy it with good bread, quince, honey, nuts, figs ... it is great for breakfast or even as a delicious dinner.
We believe that even the smallest detail counts so we have designed an amusing and original packaging to pay tribute to the real protagonists and it's also easily recycled.

Everything in The Moo Courts revolves around the letter 'M', and on the back of the label you can read what local cows say about our cheeses. You'll have to try them to find out if all what they 'moo' is true..
This cheese is a hand made delicacy, elaborated with motherly care,
it's scent is like mild butter, produced with the milk of the cows from Galicia, goes really well with warm bread, quince, or honey, it will melt in your mouth.
It is... mmm... magnificent.
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